Building Confident Teens

Adolescence is an extended period of transition from reliance on adults to independence. It is also a golden time to acquire attitudes, competencies, values and social skills that will carry teens forward to successful adulthood. Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in helping teenagers navigate through this important phase. In the United States, at least 25 percent of teens are at serious risk of not achieving "productive adulthood" and face such risks as substance abuse, adolescent pregnancy, school failure, and involvement with the juvenile justice system. Now is the time to take action and learn about "Building Confident Teens".

Building Confident Teens provides parents and teens with knowledge of risk factors of unhealthy relationships, and provides practical tools to prevent delinquency.

This program will begin with learning teenage development and brain functioning. Participants will discover various techniques to prevent youth violence, electronic aggression, negative peer pressure, criminal delinquency and substance abuse. We will also provide valuable information about developing healthy diet habits, dealing with peer pressure, and the importance of setting family goals.

  • Who may attend: Only parents and teens/pre-teens (ages 9-17)
  • Length: Seven 2-hour sessions
  • Cost: $25 per individual or family (covers registration and materials)

To participate in an upcoming class, you must first register with ESCAPE.

Call us at (713) 942-9500.