Building Confident Families

Parents are our first role models, and our most influential teachers. Most of us learn from our parents how to interact with other people, including how to engage with our own children when we become parents ourselves. Some of us witnessed yelling and/or hitting to solve arguments — is that the behavior we want our children to learn from us?

Building Confident Families teaches families healthy ways to cope with stress, manage anger and discipline children without resorting to punishment.

Discover the positive results of treating family members with respect and solving problems without fighting. You can learn to listen and speak with your heart, and your family can learn together to enjoy peaceful conflict resolution and meaningful communication.

  • Who may attend: Entire families
  • Length: Seven 2-hour sessions
  • Cost: $25 per individual or family (covers registration and materials)
  • Program brochure: English | Spanish

    To participate in an upcoming class, you must first register with ESCAPE.

Call us at (713) 942-9500.


Fall 2016 Program Schedule
Spring 2016 Program Schedule